After using laptop for a while, gradually I find a lot of laptop problems are from the battery itself. For example, Problem With New Battery in Sony Vaio Laptop. When talking about batteries, recently, Sony has found a way to get energy in a way similar to what happens in the human body.

This new battery replaces the ethanol and methanol by glucose - substance found in fruits and sugar, which is used by the human body as a source of energy and metabolic intermediate - and now will also be used to generate energy in batteries!
According to Sony, the bio-battery will be capable of generating up to 70mW of power, which is enough to feed many gadgets that are out there.
During his presentation at the International Hydrogen and Fuel Expo held in February 25, 2009 (Wednesday) in Tokyo - Japan, Sony did a demonstration of its bio-battery powering a Walkman music player with a 3 cell battery and a small fan (fan), generating energy from a drink.

This is the environmental initiative by Sony, that beyond this bio-battery, also made other proposals during the event.

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