Asus Eee PC S101 - Fabulous Good Looks; Slim & Light

Enjoy All Day Computing with Eee PC S101 with the 7.4V 4900mAh Li-Polymer Battery
Original Part Numbers: AP22-U1001, LPS101B

Asus Built-in Super Hybrid Engine(SHE) provides you with more power per charge: up to 5.4 hours of mobile usage when you are out and about.

Asus still leads the netbook pack by some margin when it comes to battery life, thanks to the high-capacity cells supplied with its Atom-powered Eee PCs. Happily, the Eee PC S101 continues the trend and its 4900mAh cell stretched to 3 hours and forty-five minutes in Battery Eater’s heavy-use test, and just over five hours in light-use (Wi-Fi off and screen at mid-brightness, in both cases).