After purchasing a laptop battery, before
using the battery to power the laptop notebook, you must charge the
battery. gives you some tips about how to check laptop battery power when chariging.

Usually, the laptop’s battery light gives you an indication of
the main battery’s current charge:

  • Glows amber while the main battery is being charged
    (AC adaptor connected)
  • Glows green when the main battery is fully charged.
  • Is unlit when the battery has discharged, the battery is not
    charging, or the AC adaptor is not plugged into the computer or AC outlet.

  • Flashes amber when the main battery charge is low and it is time to recharge the main battery or plug in the AC adaptor.

Note: If the AC power light flashes amber during charging, either the
battery pack is malfunctioning, or it is not receiving correct
input from the AC power supply. Disconnect the AC power cord/cable and remove the battery pack.

What to Do When the Main Battery Runs Low

When the main battery runs low you can:

  • Plug the laptop into an external power source and
    recharge the main battery
  • Place the computer into Hibernation mode and replace
    the main battery with a charged spare
  • Connect the laptop to an optional high capacity
    battery. ( provides selections of high capacity laptop batteries for most models of notebooks/laptops)
  • Save your work and turn off the computer
    If you do not manage to do any of these things before the
    main battery completely runs out of power, the computer
    automatically enters Hibernation mode and turns itself off.
    Hibernation mode keeps track of where you were, so that
    when you turn on the power again, you can continue where
    you left off.

To avoid losing any data, save your files and then either completely shut down your computer or put it into Hibernation mode before changing the main battery. Do not remove the battery pack while the computer is in Standby Mode. Data is stored in RAM, so if the computer loses power it will be lost. When the computer is powered off in Standby Mode, and the AC adaptor is not connected, the main battery pack supplies power to maintain data and programs in memory. If the battery pack is completely discharged, Standby Mode does not function and the laptop pc loses all data in memory.