The HP Mini 311 is the latest and greatest in the carrier-subsidized netbook offerings we've seen, and besides its small size, this netbook comes closest in performance to what we'd expect from a larger, more expensive notebook. The Mini 311 is stylish and easy to use, and since it weighs just 3.22 lb2., it's easy to carry around. With the NVIDIA Ion graphics chipset driving the machine, it was capable of handling higher quality video and even online games better than any other netbook we've seen. Plus, instead of the tired old Windows XP operating system, the HP Mini 311 now runs Windows 7 Home Premium, a full-fledged OS with a great user interface that's more polished and reliable than its predecessor. It still suffers from the problems that plague portable computers this size. With a large screen and 1080p HD video playback, the Mini 311 is great for surfing the Web. There's no optical drive, which makes it difficult to actually load the games that will show off the NVIDIA Ion, though you can buy an external drive from HP. Storage and RAM are a bit anemic, and the trackpad is absolutely tiny. In the end, though, if you were looking for a netbook with a ubiquitous WWAN option, there isn't a better subsidized option than the HP Mini 311. Release: September 2009. Price: $200.

THE GOOD: Nvidia Ion graphics adds HD video and basic gaming functionality; reasonably priced; high-def display.

THE BAD: Annoying touch pad; streaming Flash video support for new Nvidia Ion graphics is spotty; $20 extra for a white lid, seriously?

THE BOTTOM LINE: HP's Mini 311 adds a larger, high-definition display and advanced graphics to a basic Netbook, while keeping the price very appealing. Once it starts shipping with Windows 7, this could become our favorite Netbook.

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