This post is going to show you how to verify that an Laptop AC power adapter is working properly for you. If your laptop computer shows any of the following symptoms then you should test your AC adapter to make sure if there is any problem of it.

a. The laptop will not turn on when it is connected to the AC adapter .
b. The monitor does not turn on when the laptop is connected to the AC adapter .
c. The power LED of the adapter is off when the laptop is connected to the AC adapter .

Troubleshoot the AC adapter
Use the following steps to verify whether the AC adapter is working:

Step 1. Remove the laptop battery from the battery compartment.
Step 2. Plug the AC adapter directly into a wall outlet (a functioning one). Do not plug into a power strip, surge protector or secondary power source.
Step 3. Connect the other end of the AC adapter into the laptop computer.
Step 4. Ensure all the connections are not loose.
Step 5. Press the Power button on the computer.

If the LED is on , then the AC Adapter is functioning properly.
If the LED is off , the AC adapter needs to be replaced. Check for information on obtaining a replacement AC power adapter.