According to the reliable sources, an ex-China executive Lee Kai-fu has confirmed as many as 10 million units of Apple tablet computer which is apparently to be shipped in the first year of the release of the device.

"iSlate" which is the codename given to the iPhone-like Apple tablet computer is likely to be tagged below $1,000 with the physical dimension of the multitouch screen of 10.1 inch with three dimensional graphics.

It is rumoured to compete with the Amazon Kindle e-readers and low priced netbooks manufactured from Acer, Hewlett-Packard and Asustek. But its high price can act as deterrent for digital lovers. Also, the shipment of 10 million sales units seems to be quite high figure. It is almost two times the iPhone’s first year sales—which was 5.4 million units.

Since the product is yet not established, the figure seems pretty large but Apple’s a company that make unexpected occasionally happen.