Callpod showcased the Chargepod V2 on Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010. The original Chargepod was one of the best multi-device charger on the market, now they've upgraded it with more power to not only charge your smaller gadgets but now laptops as well. The new multi-charger will let you travel with just one charger.

One side charges your laptop or Macbook, and another will charge up to three devices such as cell phones, MP3 players or Bluetooth headsets. The third side has a powered 3 port USB hub for music & data transfer and can connect peripherals such as keyboards and mice along with other gear to the computer attached to it. You can customize it to fit your device with adapters. It comes with a carrying case and a PC/Mac data cable and some adapters and you can buy others if your device isn’t among the ones included. This is a must have accessory for every power user.