1/6/2010, HP announced that they will add up to three USB 3.0 ports in the latest EliteBook business laptops "EliteBook 8540p" & "EliteBook 8540w workstation" to connect to external devices and peripherals. HP might be the earliest PC vendor to integrate USB 3.0 ports into laptops.

In practice, the bandwidth to transfer data is about 40 MiB/s for USB 2.0 and perhaps potentially 400 MiB/s or more for USB 3.0. This means the USB 3.0 technology will help laptops communicate at a much faster rate with high-speed external devices. For example, it will take about 3.3 secs for moving 1GB of data from a USB 3.0 flash drive to a laptop compared to 33 secs for USB 2.0.

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